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Law Enforcement

Ride with officers in Duluth, MN, Baltimore, MD and the Bronx, NY.


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Law Enforcement - Kathy Ryan

Kathy Ryan
Dep. Chief
New York Police Dept.  domestic violence unit

There is at least one domestic violence officer out in every precinct and every police service area in the housing [police division]. There is at least one detective investigator in every precinct that is specialized in domestic violence, and every precinct has one dedicated domestic violence sergeant, or if that precinct doesn’t have so much domestic violence, that if doesn’t call for a dedicated domestic violence sergeant, what happens is there will be a sergeant who is responsible for that unit, but he or she will have other responsibilities. Some commands throughout the city have four or five domestic violence officers. Those commands could include precincts in the borough of Brooklyn, Bronx, and in Queens and some precincts in Manhattan North. Again its reflective of what we try to do we try to have enough domestic violence officers to try to be able to follow up on all domestic violence crimes that are going on within that command.